Bucharest Diary

Praise for Bucharest Diary: Romania's Journey from Darkness to Light


“During his three years as the American ambassador to Romania, Al Moses undertook the arduous task of putting American-Romanian relations on firm footing. Ambassador Moses’ book begins with his efforts on behalf of Romania’s Jews in the 1970s and continues with vivid accounts of Romanian life, as well as the largely untold story of the art of diplomacy, from a personal perspective at a crucial time following the downfall of communism in Europe. His great devotion and effort helped improve the lot of millions of people and earned him the Order of the ‘Star of Romania.’”

“Ambassador Moses is one of those who led the effort to bring to Israel Jews who would otherwise have remained in Romania, virtual prisoners under communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Moses’ book tells the story of the exodus of Romanian Jews to Israel and the means he employed to gain their freedom. He describes in vivid detail Jewish life in Romania before and after Ceausescu fell and his unique role as American ambassador in Romania after decades of communist oppression that led to Romania’s journey to freedom.”

“The fall of communism in Eastern Europe presented U.S. policymakers with a historic opportunity to help the countries in the region build free market economies and democratic political institutions. As our ambassador to Romania during this critical period, Al Moses dedicated his great energy and powers of persuasion to encourage Romania’s political leaders to take the bold steps needed to rejoin the West. I was present when Romanian President Ion Iliescu met with President Clinton in the Oval Office in September 1995, and again when President Clinton visited Bucharest in July 1997. I witnessed Romania’s march on the road to freedom and Ambassador Moses’s contribution to Romania’s success. His book tells this story in gripping and inspiring language. It is a must-read for those interested in U.S. foreign policy at its best.”

“Moses’ book reflects its author, who had served as President Jimmy Carter’s Jewish liaison. It’s a case study, an insider’s look, at how one formerly communist country became free.”

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Published by Brookings Institution Press, 2018
363 pages; hardcover and ebook